Criminal Law

Attorney Greg Skabelund has been aggressively handling criminal defense actions for more than 25 years. No case is too big or too small whether in the Justice/Municipal Court, District Court, or Utah Court of Appeals. Attorney Skabelund has the home court advantage. He was raised in Cache Valley and personally knows the prosecutors and courts. He understands that a trial is not usually won in the courtroom but rather from discussions with the prosecutors. Attorney Greg Skabelund is willing to defend you whether a traffic misdemeanor or a serious felony and has the skills necessary to take it all the way to the Utah Supreme Court if needed. Call Attorney Greg Skabelund at (435) 752-9437 to have a telephonic or personal consultation with him to determine the proper way your case should be defended.


Attorney Greg Skabelund will successfully defend you aggressively on all charges.

These charges include :


  • DUIs
  • drug possession
  • assault and other violent charges
  • property crimes such as burglary/theft
  • juvenile court actions
  • white collar crimes
  • sexual crimes including sexual assaults
  • almost all other crimes


Attorney Greg Skabelund also has experience in helping you on any type of post-action relief, such as:


  • Order to Show Cause actions
  •  probation/parole violations


Attorney Greg Skabelund is able to take your action through to any level. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the full and complete criminal process, including:


  • expungements
  • 402 motions reducing charges through a one or two-step process to a lesser charge
  • full pardons


Attorney Greg Skabelund knows how to investigate and examine each case to determine what is best for you. He will do whatever is necessary, including twisting arms to obtain the outcome best for you. Please call Attorney Greg Skabelund at (435) 752-9437 for a consultation today.