Divorce & Family Law

Attorney Greg Skabelund has been helping people with their divorce and family law needs for more than 25 years. He understands all aspects of divorce settings and is capable of handling whatever needs you may have, whether it be property issues, support (including child support and alimony issues), and custody and parent time/visitation issues. Call Attorney Greg Skabelund at 435-752-9437 to have a telephone or personal consultation to determine the proper way your case should be handled.


Mr. Skabelund has vast knowledge and understanding in adoptions, paternity, domestic violence, protective orders, and any other family issues. He can aggressively help you with whatever divorce, family law, or domestic need you may have. He will passionately defend you or prosecute your case and will provide you with personalized representation. He has expertise in:


  • divorce/annulment
  • custody
  • alimony
  • child support
  • parent time/visitation
  • pre/post-nuptial agreements
  • paternity actions
  • domestic violence
  • adoptions
  • temporary orders and orders to show cause
  • protective orders
  • mediation


Mr. Skabelund is capable of taking your case to whatever level, including the Utah Court of Appeals, to see that you get the relief you are entitled to. Call Attorney Greg Skabelund at 435-752-9437.